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8th edition of Ponza Rebreather Meeting

We are getting ready for the 8th edition of Ponza rebreather meeting. The most famous iperbaric doctors in the world already confirmed their participation:

  • Simon Mitchell from New Zeland;
  • Neal Pollock from Canada;
  • Costantino Balestra from Belgium;
  • Pasquale Longobardi from Ravenna;
  • Alessandro Marroni chef if Dan Europe
  • Roberto Rinaldi;
  • Michael Menduno;

And many others. Stay tuned!!

News and Events

Boat lift

The big news for 2023 at Ponza Diving was the installation of the boat lift.

Ascending the ladder is one of the most delicate and dangerous moments for divers as it could increase damage to people with pre-existing joint problems.

From SUB Magazine

Published in the magazine Sub n° 408 – October 2021 A life at the service of diving, tell us about this passion. (How it started, problems, joys,

Blu weeks

Blu week Special Blu week to enjoy Ponza! To enjoy the Pontine Island and spend unforgettable days on Nettuno II reaching the more interesting and

Why to choose
Ponza Diving

  Un diving aperto nel 1991, 30 anni di immersioni con la stessa gestione
  30 anni di ricerche dei punti d’immersione più entusiasmanti da farvi vivere
  Un diving che si è sempre contraddistinto per professionalità e serietà
  Un diving dove la ratio guida/divers è massimo 1 a 5
  Un diving sempre al passo con i tempi e attento all’evoluzione e cambiamenti nella subacquea
  Un diving che offre tutta la gamma dei corsi ricreativi Padi
  Un diving che si è specializzato nell’uso e nella promozione dei CCR
  Un diving che ogni anno certifica e addestra tanti sub all’uso del fantastico JJ-CCR
  Un diving dotato di 6 JJ-CCR per i corsi, le prove ed i noleggi per chi in possesso di brevetto
  Un diving situato su un’isola di rara bellezza, in un arcipelago dalle acque limpidissime
  Un’isola che, insieme alle vicine Palmarola e Zannone offre oltre 20 punti di immersione

Discharge of liability

The following form must be completed at the reception but we invite you to arrive at the diving with the form already ready for an even faster check-in.




Leading company in the design and construction of rebreathers.


Andrea Donati


+39 337 808 485


The easy way to make  reservation is by this contact form or via email to info@ponzadiving.com or by messenger on Facebook.

We organize your holiday at the best.

We will reply to your email within 12 hours; if you don’t receive any email, please contact us on our mobile ph +39 337808485, thank you.


The Ponza diving center is located in a strategic position, a few meters from the hub of ships and hydrofoils and right in the middle of the Old Port of Borboni, built in the natural amphitheater and a few meters from the square. Inside the diving center you will find the reception, storage equipment, compressor room, pools of fresh water for rinsing equipment, hot showers, vc and dressing room.