Our boat is the new  Nettuno2°, a 18 meters long and 4.8 wide diving boat, with the spaces designed for them to perform diving activities: the deck is dedicated to divers and on the bench that occupies the central part of the boat there is a row of tanks where the rack, once assembled its equipment will be mounted can leave it for the entire duration of your holiday

In the machine room are located  two powerfull COLTRI compressors that thanks to a system of whips will refill tanks between dives. Takes care of the staff of diving, so the most odious activity is eliminated! To return to harbor in the end of full day all the equipment can remain on board the ultimate in comfort and convenience! The upper deck is dedicated to carers and to relax, with a large sundeck with comfortable cushions. A fully equipped kitchen for the rich and delicious lunches to be enjoyed in the fantastic bays during the full day. By many is considered the most comfortable and functional boat diving in ITALY