Cathedrals of Palmarola

Recommended depth
From 0 to 18 mt
Sea Bottom
Rocky with caves

Palmarola,is one of the most beautiful islands in the archipelago, with its famous clear water.

Its multi-colored volcanic rocks give rise to a rugged coastline where you can discover caves,covesand and cliffs.

The dive site is very easy and you can enjoy the beauty of the four caves penetrating into the rock.

The coralline red algae and colorful bryozoans covering the first part of the walls, give way to the characteristics white sponges that love darkness.

In the end of the first cave you can see and swim with a lot of shrimp.

The deep is no more than 18 meters and the visibility is very good.

In the end of dive Ponza diving boat go around Palmarola to show the magnificent island.