JJ CCR assistance

To offer a 100% service on your JJ-CCR
      you can:

Ship your unit or the parts that need service and, in less than 24 hours, will be ready to return or

Organize your holiday on Ponza with your unit and make the service directly to increase your CCR experience.

You can find a JJ-CCR approved service technician and all the spare parts and the service your unit need!!

During the winter break, with dates to be agreed, we organize 2 review sessions:

In over 14 years of diving and CCR courses I'm firmly believe that the Danish JJ-CCR is among the most versatile, robust and functional rebreathers. Certainly i did not come to this belief without having tried and used many other rebreathers and for that I dedicated myself to offering all the services on this fantastic CCR with discovery, courses, sales, authorized service and spare parts. Ponza diving is rebreathers friendly, you can find oxigen, helium, booster, mixer, 3 or 2 liters tanks for rent, aluminium bailout, Sofnolime and 2 CCR instructor and CCR guide if you need and flexible enough to offer longer dives for CCR divers. And the boat is very comfortable, safe and with dedicated spaces for CCR divers.

Andrea Donati