Rebreather Area

Ponza diving is rebreathers friendly, you can find a efficient filling station with oxigen, helium, booster, mixer and 3 or 2 liters tanks, aluminium bailout for rent, Sofnolime and 2 CCR instructor and CCR guide, if you need, and flexible enough to offer longer dives for CCR divers.

And a very comfortable 18 meters boat, safe and with dedicated spaces for CCR divers. Since many years we have dedicated ourselves and we have invested heavily in the world of electronic circuits closed , first with the Inspiration and then our attention was focused on JJ -CCR produced in Denmark.

Why rebreathers

Many years ago we dive with tables and came out the first underwater computers , seen by most as dangerous objects which could not be entrusted their safety ; over the years computers have changed our dives , making them safer and funny.

Even in diving , as well as in all things , there is a trend and that's the reason why today we dive always in CCR because we firmly believe that the performance of a rebreather , are much safer than the open circuit ; we could write a stream of words about this, but in reality are the facts that matter: gas breathed hot and humid (less dehydration) , supply of gas is not comparable to an open circuit, more oxygen gas nitrox ideal for every depth. There are any requires: good training , aptitude , meticulousness , is certainly not ideal for everyone, but those who actually try it , follows the course difficult to go back .

Ingredients for a good rebreather course:

Fantastic island with very clear water; A Diving since 1991, with the same management and with the same enthusiasm and that you are always up to date in terms of safety and new technologies; an instructor with years of experience and with a passion to want to convey to their students the secrets acquired through years and years of diving. The JJ-CCR rebreather courses are conducted weekly (by reservation) by Andrea Donati, IART Instructor I0154 and are divided into three segments: Theory, where you deal with develop and increase the knowledge about diving in closed circuit; diving, at least 8 in the first level, where you will learn how to best use of rebreather in total safety; at least two afternoons where you learn to do the maintenance of rebreather to know every part.

The goal is to convey all the knowledge and the secrets of the result of great experience and lots of dives for year!