Rebreather meeting

VI edition – May 1st-5th 2019


08.00 am
Departure for the dive of the day, max run time 150’ and depth as per diver certification;

03.00 pm
Seminars in the conference room;

08.00 pm
Rendezvous for the dinner.


08.00 pm
Gala dinner


08.00 am
Last dive

04.00 pm
Departures of the ferry to Formia


Dr. Simon Mitchell

Associated Professor at Department of Anaesthesiology UNIVERSITY OF AUCKLAND

“In-water recompression: a review of evidence and recommendations”;

“Human factors: the biggest but hardest rout to safety in technical diving”.

Mr. Mark Powell

CCR instructor and autor of “DECO FOR DIVERS”

“Training Doesn’t Work”

Mr. Bruce Partridge

owner ot the canadian company SHEARWATER

“The changing fatality rate as rebreathers become more common”

Dott. Pasquale Longobardi

Head Director at the CENTRO IPERBARICO DI RAVENNA and President of SIMSI

“Helium-induced Organ Protection from the Bad Inflammation and Benefit for Decompression”

Dr. Neal Pollock

Research Chair in Hyperbaric and Diving Medicine at LAVAL UNIVERSITY, QUEBEC

“Concernes of the Anging Diver”

“Defensive Dive Profile Planning”

Sig. Edoardo Pavia

dive explorer and owner of SEA DWELLER

“Rebreather: how can we improove safeness”

Dott. Alessandro Marroni

President of DAN EUROPE

“The technical diving DAN data base: diving modalities, habits, echographic & doppler bubble monitoring, risk factors, incidents & accidents”

"Real time monitoring of physiological and hematological parameters while and around diving: echographic & doppler bubble monitoring during real altitude exposure after diving. The underwater blood draw project: methodology and first resoults”.

“Underwater telemedicine: the future of DAN Europe filed research. Wearable technologies for intelligent dive computers and diving gears;wireless water-to-surface dive safety & physiological data transmission, alarm center monitored diver geo-location & bidirectional telemedicine”.