Barrel rock

Recommended depth
From 0 to 90 mt
Sea Bottom

Located 8 miles south-east of Ponza, the “Scoglio della Botte” emerges from a rocky bottom.
To the north-west at 70 meters there is a rock covered with Antiphates (black coral) and characterized by an immensity of overlapping rocks that form a myriad of caves and cracks where large groupers, forkbeard, moray eels and all species of crustaceans and molluscs are hiding in the shade. One can certainly say that the “Scoglio della Botte” encloses in its depths a complete book of flora and fauna of the Mediterranean.
We can easily meet pelagic fish such as tuna, amberjack, dolphins, turtles and the now rare gastropod molluscs known as sea hare.