Mattoni shoal

Recommended depth
Min 3 – Max 30 mt
Sea Bottom

Very interesting the shoal of the bricks on the western side of Ponza, rises from a sandy bottom of 30 meters. reaching up to 3 meters; a dive spot adapt to all levels of divers, with vertical wall with yellow gorgonians and many cracks, dens of numerous moray eels, groupers and conger eels. The dive itinerary consists swim along the wall keeping it on the left at the fixed altitude, circumnavigate the cliff, and then climb slowly and complete the dive on the bright summit area, rich in vegetation. The bricks that give the name to the dive are under the boat, piled one on top of the other for several square meters along a rocky channel slightly declive outlined a short distance between the sand and the rock wall. Apparently, they were part of the cargo of a merchant ship that crossed the waters of Ponza, shipwrecked over a century ago.