Mariuolo shoal Zannone

Recommended depth
Min 4 – Max 42 mt
Sea Bottom

The island of Zannone, since 1979, is included in the National Park of Circeo for the naturalistic relevance.
Approaching its coasts by boat, one is astonished, by the exuberant Mediterranean vegetation, with broom bushes, prickly pears and agaves.

On the west side of the island, just a few meters from the coast, the shoal arrive on the top till 4 meters,characterized by drop off with small caves and cracks that make it a very special dive site.

Head in north-west you come to the drop off which begin 25 meter sand drop more than 42 meters. Here there is a cave-through, where you can find many scorpion fish. Nearby is a pinnacle that anytime a lot of barracuda and dentici go around.