Andrea Donati

He began to dive in 1987 and immediately explode the passion that will changed his life,  he went on with the courses until he became an instructor in 1989 and 2 years later he opened the Ponza diving center.
He is Full-time Padi instructor for recreational courses, TDI and IART instructor for technical courses and rebreather JJ-CCR to which he dedicates a lot of attention. Constantly updated to changes and new studies related to diving

Serena Gelain

She is master instructor Padi, Lombard by birth and Roman by adoption, she began diving in 2003.
She has dive in the seas around the world and then she decided to take the path of professionalism becoming an instructor in 2009. Not only recreational diving, since 2018 she dives with the rebreather JJ-CCR.

Sara Groppo

She started diving in 2014 by taking the first course and her passion brings her to Ponza where in 2017 she begins her career obtaining the divemaster and then the various specialties and she approached the JJ-CCR with which she guides the dives.

Alessandro Luca Papa

He began his experience in the underwater world at only 12 years following his father’s footsteps. After several experiences in various recreational diving, he obtained the certificate of divemaster at Ponza Diving in 2015.

Excellent organizer and attentive surface assistant.

Valentino Mignola

Son of Aldo, a great Ponza diver and owner of the historic diving Nautilus at the natural pools, began working with us and became a dive guide.

Laura Zonta

She began diving in 2019 and from that moment on, her passion for diving began, which led her to Ponza where she began professional courses until she became an SSI instructor and thus worked full time at Ponza diving.