The Formiche

They are one of the most popular dive sites on the island. A series of rocks rising from the sandy bottom up to the surface.
With a maximum depth of 54m, the site is accessible to divers of all levels, offering different types of dive, all characterized by a great biodiversity, rich in many colors.
The north-eastern side, exposed to the current, creates the conditions for high hydrodynamics, with an optimal environment for the growth of stunning red gorgonians.
On them you can often observe crinoids of a blazing red, the delicate transparency of the sea squirt colonies, and ascidians hugging on gorgonian polyps to draw nourishment from the particles transported by the currents.
Ascending at lower depth, we find an impressive natural arch. The arch is completely covered with parazoanthus; the passage is really impressive, and it is only the part before the entrance to a long cave full of life and color.