Wreck LST 349

USS LST 349 (Landing Ship, Tank) founders on rocks at Isle of Ponza, Italy. Many U.S. sailors on solid ground attempt to hold the vessel steady with lines, to enable rescue of persons on board. But the heavy surf and waves make rescue difficult. Among those aboard are German prisoners of war who are helped from the LST to the rocks on shore. Men in lift raft, are in danger of being crushed between the ship’s hull and the rocks. Men seen on low rocks, and one is swept back into the sea by a wave. In final scenes, only the top mast of the sunken ship is visible above the water. The”Landing Ship Tank”sunk February 1943. The wreck lies on a white sandy bottom in navigation position, with the front at 26m and the back at 20mt. In the main deck are still well preserved cannon and machine guns, while below deck you can explore the holds where you can still find items shipboard life, such as military uniform, boots and many others. Dive on the LST 349 is a very interesting experience!! Please, check the link below for the history.